Edward McLaughlin

Project Manager

In college, Ed considered transferring to Penn State because he wanted to experience college with his brother and best friend.  He may have made the mistake and done so if not for the help and support from his parents.  He understands that there are students out there without the support necessary to be successful and wants to help them succeed.  Ed understands the transferring process is very difficult, and this difficulty may prevent students from greater opportunities. So, he wants to help others achieve their goals while making a positive impact on their lives.  Ed is interested in this TransitioningU because there is a problem with student dropout rates and he firmly believes that TU can help to solvethis problem.  Students benefit, colleges and universities benefit, and society in general will benefit from this new break-through in higher education.

Ed studied abroad in Newcastle, England. He has traveled to over 15 different countries.  He currently works full-time as a project engineer for the Whiting-Turner company. Ed has successfully trained a service dog for over 7 months while in college.  Sports and fitness are a huge interest of his.