Joshua Smith, Ph.D.

Chief Academic Officer

Josh spent the last 20 years studying the reasons why colleges and universities fail to support students as they transition to college and why students drop out of college prior to graduation. While there is no simple factor or reason, his major finding has been that colleges do not effectively communicate expectations, resources, or even the basic information about what it takes to be successful on that particular college campus. Students want to succeed in college, but they don't know the ins and outs of how to navigate the campus, academic rigor, and social nuances. Josh created the content in TransitioningU so that students get and stay connected to faculty and their peers and feel a sense of agency in their decision-making. Students who use TransitioningU access resources in a timely manner, they make the most of their college years, and create a meaningful path to graduation. Additionally, TransitioningU, once and for all, eliminates the dreaded "I didn't know." A great benefit to students, faculty, and administrators alike. 


Josh has been awarded over $3 million in external funding and he has 20+ publications in the areas of educational transitions and urban education. Awards and honors include the 2012 Student Government Association Servant Leader Award, 2006 Indiana University Trustees’ Teaching Award and the National Academic Advising Association’s 2002 Outstanding Advising Award.